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Serial Motor Driver. This powerful little motor driver can control up to 10 motors, 2 bidirectionally, all in terms of speed. It has reconfigurable outputs which allow you to also either connect outputs in parallel for added current capability, or you can drive 2 unipolar stepper motors at up to 35V, 1A each coil, or one 2A motor! The bidirectional outputs can drive up to 2A motors at 35V. See the datasheet for a full product description, along with sample code for how to control this little motor controller with a Basic Stamp or PIC microprocessor, or your PC through an RS232 connection (contact us for RS232 connections, as the serial port on the MotoMaster operates on TTL levels, while RS232 uses higher voltage swings). Digital I/O's are 3.3V tolerant to support dsPICs and other low voltage microprocessors.

Maximum supported serial communication is 230kbps, default is 50kbps - other rates can be programmed




Infrared Photodetector with jumper options switch. Add near object detectionInfra to your robotics projects with ease!


Add a serial analog to digital converter to your robotics projects with simplicity using this board which provides a location to solder your ADC0838, screw terminal interface connections, and convenient mounting holes



Replacement microprocessor for the MotoMaster, preprogrammed with the MotoMaster control software.
Replacement fuses

Replacement fuses for the MotoMaster.

Blew a fuse? No problem! Replace your damaged fuse with the exact same type and rating, assured to work with your MotoMaster. Just be sure you determine the cause of the fuse blowing, or you risk blowing another or damaging your MotoMaster or other circuits.

Replacement darlinton transistor arrays

Replace the original Darlington transistor arrays that came with your MotoMaster with these exact matches. Need help replacing any parts on your MotoMaster? Contact us at radiantdolphinpress "at" yahoo "dot" com